Op. Dr. Ozkan Oguz

Last Updated on March 16, 2023


Name : Op. Dr. Ozkan Oguz

Experience : 30+

Medical Faculty : Gata Faculty of Medicine

Specialisation : Gata Medical Faculty, Specialization in Urology Department

Field : Urology

E-mail: ozkanoguz@ozkayatipmerkezi.com

Özkan Oğuz, who was born in Kayseri in 1968, graduated from Gata Medical Faculty in 1990, and obtained his specialisation in the Department of Urology. He speaks English as a foreign language.

After his work at Samsun Military Hospital, Samsun IVF Center, Malatya Military Hospital, Malatya IVF Center and Private Kayseri Melikgazi, he joined the Özkaya Medical Center family and is still working as a Urology Specialist today.

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