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Last Updated on March 18, 2023

You can choose our hospital for all kinds of skin and body care in our beauty center. In our skin care rooms equipped with the latest technology, we continue our work to provide you with the best service with our beauty specialists who are experts in their field.

It is possible to achieve the look of your dreams as a result of our meticulous work using the latest devices.

The services we offer you in our hospital are skin rejuvenation, stem cell treatment, face lift with organic string, face and body lift with focus ultrasound, face lifting with permanent strings.

It is also possible to have acupuncture, acne treatment, regional slimming and cellulite procedures. You can also attend the sessions you want for skin care and get a new and revitalized look. You can participate in our diet programs and lose weight in a healthy way thanks to our expert dietitian.

Treatment of dark circles under the eyes is also possible in the field of skin care. In addition, you can also have dermal filler or chemical peeling procedures.

We are working with expert staff in our hospital, and we continue all our work as a team to meet your every request and achieve the look of your dreams.

You can visit our hospital and the beauty center for yourself or your relatives, acquaint yourself with the details and achieve the look you want.

Skin Rejuvenation

One of the skin rejuvenation procedures performed in the beauty center is dermaroller applications. Although the Dermaroller is a facial tool, it is applied to the face with a certain needle arrangement. Although the needles have different sizes, our experts offer the most suitable option according to the skin of the person and proceed to the application stage. The pain that people feel during the application is minimal.

The dermaroller enables the upkeep of the lower layer of the skin by opening small channels on the skin. Since it accelerates the blood circulation, it gives the skin brightness and vitality. The dermaroller application should be repeated at certain intervals. In addition to being a procedure applied for the purpose of removing facial blemishes, it is also preferred for cellulite and stretch marks formations on the body.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal filling, also known as brightening filling, is a skin care procedure applied to under-eye bruises and bags. Although under-eye bags are generally related to genetic factors, they can also occur depending on the sleeping position, alcohol consumption or sleep disorder.

Under-eye bags can be removed by surgical intervention. However, it is possible to reduce these bags with brightening fillers without the need for this process.

The dermal filler, which is preferred by many people in the beauty center, gives the face a younger and more dynamic appearance, and has the effect of reducing the colour changes known as dark circles under the eyes.

Although this application is preferred for the under-eye area, it is also suitable for the face. If you have such a problem, you can get support from our skin care specialists in our center and achieve the look you want.

Chemical Peeling

Another skin care method applied in the beauty center is the chemical peeling process. This application is made by using chemical extracts contained in foods with high vitamin and mineral value. Chemical peeling can be applied to all parts of the body, especially the face area. Chemical peeling is separated into two as superficial peeling and deep peeling.

Superficial Peeling

It is the process of feeding acid-containing solutions to the skin that makes it possible to revive the skin in the applied area and make it appear healthier. With this application, the upper layer of the skin is exfoliated. A renewed skin layer is formed in place of the damaged skin. Since it is a daily procedure, it does not affect a person’s daily life in a negative way.

Deep Peeling

It is a preferred peeling procedure for skin problems such as wrinkles, sunspots and acne formations in the applied area. This procedure needs to be performed by specialist physicians and the average procedure time is 10 minutes. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 days is required for this procedure, which is applied by our skin care specialists within the beauty center.

Fractional Laser

The Fractional laser procedure is preferred for many skin problems and remains popular. This procedure, performed by our skin care specialists within the beauty center, is used for many skin problems such as skin rejuvenation, acne treatments, skin color changes, sun spots, especially wrinkle treatments.

Fractional laser treatment provides the peeling of the upper layer of the skin. Effective laser beams penetrate deep into acne scars and spots, dissolving tissues that are in poor condition.

Fractional laser beams can be safely chosen as it is a treatment procedure approved by the World Health Organisation.

Healthy tissues around the melted cells in poor condition penetrate into the area where the laser is applied, allowing live and new cells to emerge in that area. Thus, it is possible to get rid of acne scars and blemishes permanently.

Fractional laser application also has an effect on stretch marks. Stretch marks are skin deformations generally observed during pregnancy. However, it can also be observed in cases of rapid weight gain and loss. It can be seen in all age groups and is more common in the legs, hips, arms and chest areas.

The duration of fractional laser application may vary depending on the region and lasts up to 6 sessions on average. It is an application that is often applied for spots that occur on any part of the body and has a high success rate. You can also get the look you want by having this application in our beauty center.

Areal Lifting Procedures

Areal lifting procedures are also among the procedures performed in our beauty center. The purpose of areal lifting is to prevent sagging and wrinkles on the body or face and to achieve a firmer appearance. There are different processes applied in this context, and our experts decide which application will be made and how.

After the first examination, skin analyses are performed and detailed information about the procedure is provided to the person. Afterwards, the process is started with certain sessions.

The lifting procedure, which is popular among regional lifting procedures, is known as face lifting with organic string. This procedure is applied to the face and is a procedure that is not obvious when viewed from the outside and gives a natural appearance to the person.

Oily skin tends to sag more than dry skin. With the effect of age, these saggings affect the aesthetic appearance of people. For this reason, it is among the frequently preferred lifting processes.

Another lifting procedure performed in our beauty center is a face and body lift operation with Focus Ultrasound. This procedure can be done both for the face and body and offers a more dynamic appearance for people.

Sagging can be seen not only on the face but also in certain parts of the body over time. It is possible to eliminate these sagging with the devices produced with the latest technology and to have a tighter skin.

Our experienced specialists recommend the most suitable lifting procedure for you and share detailed information about the procedure.

Facelift with permanent threads is also known as a lifting process. With this procedure, it is possible for people to have a more lively and tight skin. However, it is also used to tighten and reduce the cheek area. In addition, skin sagging in the neck area can also be removed by this procedure.

Acne Treatment

Acne is a skin problem that is observed when hair follicles or sebaceous glands are blocked due to various factors and causes acne formation. This formation, observed in both women and men, negatively affects the aesthetic appearance of people.

It is possible to get rid of these formations with alternative acne treatments. In this context, our skin care specialists at the beauty center decide which method to use for treatment after performing your skin analysis.

Acne formations can be observed not only in the facial area, but also in any area of the body. If the body produces too much fat, decayed cells can get stuck between the skin pores. The occurrence of this condition may also be due to the inability of the skin to get enough oxygen.

While the cosmetic products used disrupt the moisture balance of the skin, improper product use can trigger acne formations. In addition, changes in hormone levels can also cause acne to multiply.

The most common method used for acne treatment is dermaroller applications. Skin care, which will be performed by descending to the lower layer of the skin, is a needle system that allows it to reach the cells under the skin. It also prevents acne formation by tightening the pores. It is a preferred method for acnes observed on the face and body.

The Fractional laser procedure is another method used for acne treatment. This method, which allows the proliferation of new cells by dissolving the unhealthy tissues in the lower layers of the skin, can also be applied to acne-prone skin.

Chemical peeling is also applied as an acne treatment within the beauty center. Our skin care specialists decide which acne treatment will be applied, and a treatment method is determined according to the acne and skin structure. You will also be informed and the necessary information will be provided to you for the process.

Weight Loss and Diet Treatments

In addition to skin care and procedures applied for skin problems, slimming treatments are also carried out in the beauty center in our hospital. Weight loss and diet treatments should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

Our highly specialised experts, first look at your blood values. Our specialists, who have set up a program according to the height – weight index, also apply various treatment methods for this program.

One of the most used methods among diet and weight loss treatments is acupuncture therapy. In addition, regional slimming treatments and cellulite treatments are also used within the beauty center.

Acupuncture Procedure

Acupuncture is a minimally needled procedure applied to certain points of the body. It is among the weight loss treatments because it has an accelerating effect on metabolism. In addition, because it also has an appetite-reducing effect, it helps people to tend to eat less by achieving a feeling of satiety.

It also puts pressure on the hunger center in the brain, allowing a person to mentally suppress hunger. Since it has a stress-reducing effect, it also prevents people from overeating in anxious situations.

In addition to helping to lose weight, acupuncture can also relieve disorders of the spleen and kidneys. It is also a useful application for health, as it also affects the irregular functioning of the thyroid glands and provides hormonal balance. For this reasons, it is a treatment method applied to these areas.

Acupuncture treatment is performed within the beauty center and is performed by our experienced acupuncture and mesotherapy specialist. Acupuncture alone is not sufficient for weight loss. Along with this procedure, it is necessary to exercise regularly and follow the nutrition list that will be given by our specialists. The important points in acupuncture applied with the aim of losing weight are located in the ear region. Therefore, it is focused more on this region.

Regional Slimming and Cellulite Treatment

Although regional slimming is preferred for both women and men, there are many different slimming methods for this procedure. Our experts decide on the methods of weight loss that differ depending on the body structures of people and the areas where they want to lose weight.

In addition to regional slimming, there are different methods of preventing and reducing cellulite in the beauty center.

Cellulite is a condition that occurs when the blood circulation is low and causes a negative appearance.Cellulite, which is especially a concern for women, occurs mostly on the hips and upper legs.

Changing eating habits and doing regular exercise have a positive impact on cellulite. It is possible to achieve the look you want with the expert staff of Özkaya Medical Center.

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