Last Updated on March 18, 2023

Check up is one of the services that Özkaya Medical Center offers to its patients. It is a health service that patients receive depending on their demands and carries no health obligations. However, it is very important to have it done for a healthy life and for diseases to be diagnosed at an early stage.

It is recommended to our patients by our medical doctors so that health problems do not cause a more serious health problem and chronic disease in the future.

It is especially preferred by people who have chronic diseases and various diseases in their family history. For example, having a check-up for people with a family history of cancer, cardiovascular disease allows detecting diseases at an early stage and starting the necessary treatment.

In general, it means checking the body in detail, and the current health status of the patients is fully revealed. At Özkaya Medical Center, different types of check-up services are provided through high-tech devices in accordance with the requests of our patients.

How is the Check Up Examination Performed?

How the check-up examination will be performed varies according to the type of patients prefer. Imaging and diagnostic methods used in all branches of medicine are used. Therefore, many imaging and diagnostic methods such as X-ray, MRI, CT, blood test, ultrasound, urinalysis, mammography, color doppler ultrasound are applied.

Which imaging techniques will be applied to which patient differs according to the type of check-up that will be preferred. Therefore, the nature of this health screening may vary.

Imaging methods are used in the examination, as well as physical examinations of doctors from different medical fields are also done. In the health screening, the imaging techniques applied are examined and evaluated by our radiology specialists, and if there is a sign of disease, the prognosis is made.

The findings of our radiologists are conveyed to the relevant medical doctors in our medical center. As a result of the data obtained, the diagnosis made and the necessary explanations for the treatment of our patients are made and the treatment process is started.

Types of Check Up at Our Center

Özkaya Medical Center offers different options for health screening to its patients. Our patients received detailed information about their health status by choosing any of these health screenings we offer. The types of check-ups that are performed in our medical center are as follows:

VIP Detailed Check Up

Economic Check Up

Obstetrics Check Up

Children’s Check Up

Urology Check Up

Cardiology Check Up

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