Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Last Updated on March 18, 2023

The plastic surgery department deals with the restructuring and changing the defect that occurs in any part of the body. These problems can arise from birth, after a trauma or an accident. By reshaping these defects, it is possible to restore the functions of the organs and improve their physical appearance.

Plastic surgery can be classified as reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery is done because for reasons beyond the control of the patient. If the corrective process is not applied, the patient may not be able to use the relevant body part. Cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure performed entirely at the request of the individual.

In these procedures, also known as cosmetic surgery, patients can share the areas they find problematic with plastic surgery specialists and request that they be corrected according to their wishes. This department is a broad medical division that covers the entire body.

Surgical procedures are performed as a form of treatment. Each patient can apply to this department for the areas they want to change and correct.

Our plastic surgery department specialists are individuals who have received successful training in the field of medicine for 6 years and have specialised in plastic surgery. Our doctors, whom we can confirm as very professional in their field, have the necessary knowledge and experience.

After successful operations, physical appearance and functionality can be largely restored. Due to working with state-of-the-art devices, the surgical scars on the patient will be at a minimum level. In addition, a completely natural appearance can be obtained.

What Procedures Does Cosmetic Surgery Cover?

Plastic surgery is a broad divisions that deals with all parts of the body. In all cases where deformity and functional disorders occur in the body, surgical procedures can be applied to treat it. Our Özkaya Medical Center plastic surgery specialists are very accomplished doctors in their field, and they can successfully apply many surgical procedures by combining their knowledge and experience. Plastic surgery procedures performed frequently in our institution are as follows:


The nose is one of the most noticeable structures on the face. In addition, congenital disorders and other factors in the nose can also cause respiratory system ailments. With rhinoplasty, deformities and functional disorders in the nose can be completely eliminated.

Rhinoplasty can usually be done by surgical procedures, but in some cases, the nose can be made to look more contoured by using filler application.

Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

This conditions is known as prominent ear or scoop ear. As it greatly affects physical appearance, this can lead to a lack of self-confidence in people. There is usually no functional disorder in this ear type. For this reason, treatment is much easier and can produce successful results.

FUE Hair Transplant

Hair is one of the important factors that affect  one’s appearance. It will be possible to achieve a natural appearance by using the FUE hair transplant method in cases of baldness or hair thinning, which greatly reduces people’s self-confidence. With this method, live hair follicles, usually located at the nape of the neck, are removed and implanted into the hair follicles. With this procedure, a natural and dense appearance will be obtained, since the patients’ own hair follicles are used.


Mammoplasty is one of the cosmetic surgery  procedures preferred by a large part of women.  With this operation, the breast can be reduced or enlarged. In breast augmentation operations, augmentation can be performed by using the fat tissue of the patient or by using a silicone filler. Breast reduction surgery is the reduction of fat tissue from the breast of the patient.


Gynecomastia is a condition in which swelling occurs due to imbalances in the testosterone hormone in men’s breasts. This is not just about physical appearance. It may also cause pain, sensitivity, excretion of fluid from the nipple and excessive swelling. With gynecomastia surgery, it is possible to eliminate these complaints of the patients to a large extent.


It is a procedure used to remove body fat. This procedure is usually applied to people with regional excess weight, not people with obesity. Fat removal can be done easily in any area that the patient decides on his/her own will. In this procedure, considering the weight and age of the patient, regional slimming will be possible by removing a piece of adipose tissue from the relevant area.


It is a procedure that is generally associated with the emergence of the couples’ lack of pleasure during sexual intercourse. In this procedure, the vaginal opening can be narrowed with the consent of the patient.

Some tissues are removed from the enlarged vagina and narrowing is performed. Also, at the request of the patients, temporary or permanent reconstruction of the hymen can be performed.

One of the reasons used in vaginal aesthetics is labiasplasty. In people where the labia minora is larger than normal, reductions can be made by surgical methods.

How is the Examination Performed in the Plastic Surgery Department?

First, a consultation with the patient will be held. In this meeting, the part of the body the patient is uncomfortable with and what kind of change the patient wants to be made will be discussed.

Determining how the situation might pose a health hazard is one of the important details that will affect the treatment process. It is of great importance that the procedures to be performed on the patient are approved by the doctor.

Because some of the demands of the patients may lead to functional disorders and may carry a great risk in terms of health. During the consultation, a physical examination is performed by the plastic surgeon according to the patient’s requests.

With this examination, information is provided on how the patients’ quality of life can be improved, which surgical procedures, including reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, can be performed. Through the medical history received by our doctors, the genetic history of the patients, age, complaints, regular medication use, trauma or accidents they might have experienced, and family genetic history that may have caused their condition can be obtained.

Before deciding on surgical treatment, some diagnostic tests will be done and deformities and functional disorders will be determined by imaging techniques.

After all these procedures, a treatment plan is created by reaching a consensus with our doctors and patients. The wishes and privacy of the patient are fully respected by the plastic surgery department.

In this respect, it will be possible for us to guarantee that no procedure will be performed without the patient’s consent. Before the surgical procedure, drawings are made in the areas to be operated on and detailed information is provided about the procedure.

After the surgical procedure, examinations are carried out at regular intervals by our doctors to monitor the results of the procedure and to observe the patients satisfaction.

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